(All costs are in US Dollars)

A lot of factors influence the price of the GEK- the kind of work it will be used for, type of engine, quantities and exchange rates.
We will work closely with you to meet your needs, both operational and financial, to ensure complete satisfaction.
Clearly, the GEK gasifier gen-set carries a price premium over a standard diesel. The critical distinction is that the GEK makes it’s own fuel. So for those with ready access to biomass, the savings begin to materialize immediately.
The price of a Power Pallet ranges from US$10,000 to US$17,000, depending on specifications and quantities ordered.
The price of a decent diesel generator set is about $350 per kW. A 10kW – 20 kW gen-sets cost between $3,500 and $7,000.
Depending on location, generating electricity with diesel costs between $0.30–$0.50 per kWh. With biomass, this drops to $0.02–$0.04 per kWh.
The following is a calculation of monthly diesel fuel cost for a typical business. It comes to about US$850, with usual fluctuations in diesel and exchange prices.
If the fuel for the GEK is free, the GEK pays back for the incremental cost difference in 6-12 months, depending on specifications.

 Diesel fuel consumption costs

The GEK supplies gas for up to 20kW generator. A 17kW (24kVa) diesel generator (example used: FG Wilson P22E2 gen-set from John Holt, Plc.) uses $850 worth of diesel monthly under the following conditions:

6.1       X

per hour

6       X

Hours of daily operation

US$0.75   =

Price per
litter in


Daily diesel

X    31  =  US$850

Days         Monthly

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