Gasification is a process whereby wood or agricultural waste is heated in an oxygen-deprived chamber (the size of a small barrel). When biomass is heated under such conditions, it does not ignite, but produces a flammable gas. The gas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, is called “producer gas” or “Syngas”. The Syngas is piped to and combusted in a conventional engine and generator setup. A detailed explanation of gasification and Pyrolysis is available upon request.

History of gasification

Gasification technology has been around since before World War II, when it was used extensively for the civilian car fleet in Germany and France. After the war, the technology was abandoned as gasoline became cheap and plentiful in Europe.

As the price of oil spiked recently, the technology generated renewed interest to meet power needs in rural areas where biomass is abundant.

gasification topics gasification topics
gasification topics