Electricity from Biomass: Small, Distributed, Electricty Generation for the African Market
Wood Chips In, Electricity Out
Introducing The GEK® Power Pallet:  Integrated Gasifier-Genset on a skid
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The GEK® Power Pallet is a power generating system that converts woody biomass to electricity.

If biomass is agricultural waste or process by-product, system will generate electricity for as low as $0.00 - 0.05kWh

The Power Pallet is comprised of a gasifier, gas engine and generator that are synchronized and governed by a digital controller. The system automatically calibrates and controls the Syngas and air mixture, grate- shaking and ash take-off.

The GEK® Power Pallet is a self-contained system – wood chips in, electricity out – delivered at a breakthrough price of $1-$2/watt.

Power Pallets are available in 10kW, 15kW and 20kW sizes, using Kohler or Kubota industrial engines.